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Nematodes 50 million

Actual size of Nematodes less than 1/100th of an inch. 7 million of
them in 1 pint look very much like a glob of plain yogurt.

These nematodes come in quantites of 50 million
to be used on crops of 1/2 acre or more.

1 container can be mixed with 1 gallon of water and when the
nematodes are swimming can be disbursed into 20 gallons
of water to be sprayed across 1/2 acre.


$ 103.96 USD
50 million Per Package


  • White grubs and the larval or grub stage of Japanese Beetles
  • Northern Masked Chafer
  • European Chafer, Rose Chafer
  • Fly larvae
  • Oriental Beetles, June Beetles
  • Flea Beetles, Bill-bugs
  • Cut-worms, Army worms
  • Black Vine Weevils, Strawberry Root Weevils
  • Fungus Gnats, Sciarid larvae
  • Sod Web-worms Girdler
  • Citrus Weevils
  • Maggots and other Dip-tera
  • Mole Crickets, Iris Borer
  • Root Maggot, Cabbage Root Maggot
  • Flea, Ants
  • Carrot Weevils
  • Termintes, German cockroachs

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